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Titel:Supporting Relatives Prior to Caregiver Burden - Preventive E-Mental Health Short Intervention for Family Members of Individuals with Parkinsonism in an Early Phase of the Disease: Protocol for a Feasibility Study
Autor:Muente, Catharina
Weitere Verfasser:Folkerts, Ann-Kristin; Kalbe, Elke; Thieken, Franziska; Assmann, Laura-Elisa; Widritzki, Maria; Eggers, Carsten; Pedrosa, David; Wilhelm, Marcel
URN: urn:nbn:de:hebis:04-es2022-01765
DDC:610 Medizin


non-caregiving relatives, stress; quality of life, e-mental he, Parkinson’s disease, mental health, burden, early phase of Parkinsonism, telemedicine

Research on support for relatives of patients with Parkinsonism has mainly focused on caregivers, while preventive offers for non-caregiving relatives are lacking. Thus, the aim of this multicenter pilot study is to develop and assess the feasibility of a preventive psychosocial support program for relatives of patients with Parkinsonism. It specifically focuses on family members of patients who are in an early phase of the disease, are not currently caregiving, and have not yet developed distress symptoms. It includes a telemedicine-based, 6-week preventive psychological short intervention (PPSI). The main objective of this feasibility mixed-methods study is to specify the demand for an early, low-threshold, and low-cost short intervention and to collect feedback based on qualitative and quantitative data of N = 20 relatives. Secondary objectives are an evaluation of the effects of the intervention and an analysis of the study design. Future directions are to further develop the PPSI using these data. This study can serve as a basis for future randomized controlled studies on this intervention, which might fill an important gap in clinical supply.

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