"New Age" ja sukupuolitettu arvomaailma


  • Helena Helve Nordic Research Co-ordinator Po.Box 59, FIN-00014 University of Helsinki




Helena Helve "New Age" and a gendered value world The introduction contextualises the topic. As a result of new feminist movements in the 1960´s women became socially visible. While their critical voices were heard even within patriarchal churches, many of them found new content outside the traditional churches, for example in neopaganistic "Wicca" groups where they felt that their female identity and spirituality was better understood. Other alternatives were found within the general range of "New Age".In the second section the concept of "New Age" is discussed. The concept includes very many meanings. Though mostly understood to refer directly to various "cults" there are also big commercial markets surrounding the religious phenomena. People are free to choose particular parts of it, e.g. New Age newspapers, radio programmes, music, internet pages etc. It can range from belief in UFOs as far as a new world view and value world. The third section seeks connections between "New Age" phenomena and the post-modern period, which has its own ideology and values. These are mostly possible only for people living in rich western countries. For example, western young people revolted during the 60´s against the Vietnam war and the materialism of modern culture.

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Helena Helve, Nordic Research Co-ordinator Po.Box 59, FIN-00014 University of Helsinki

Ph.D., Docent




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