Alfonso Riobó Serván: El derecho de libertad religiosa en la República Checa y en la República Eslovaca


  • Michaela Moravčíková Bratislava



One of the most significant projects in the area of confessional law studies in both the Czech and the Slovak Republics, was published in Spain in 2005. Alfonso Riobó Serván, of the State Ecclesiastical Law Institute at the historic Universidad Complutense in Madrid, is closely acquainted with the central European environment. Since his expertise is in the local legal panorama, he possesses an extensive knowledge of the legislation as well as of the original sources. Riobó’s work comes as the climax of several years of research, resulting not only in an impressive, systematic work, but also in the overcoming of local barriers through fruitful scientific cooperation. This book provides a complex introduction to the various legal aspects of religious freedom in the Czech and Slovak Republics. Special emphasis is given to the author's view of religious liberty as a fundamental right, praising freedom as a basic value to be respected and guaranteed to churches, religious societies, and individual believers. Moreover, this approach does not consider confessional law and complex configurations between the State and churches only in the light of a formal view on legal norms, without paying due attention to their major function in the service of human rights and social life. The emphasis put on religious liberty provides for a more coherent approach that encompasses state-church relationswith respect to all relevant religious entities. The author limits himself to positive legal provisions that comply with the previously mentioned view.




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Moravčíková, M. (2015). Alfonso Riobó Serván: El derecho de libertad religiosa en la República Checa y en la República Eslovaca. Marburg Journal of Religion, 12(1).