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Titel:Preparation, Characterization and X-ray Crystal Structures of New Axially Functionalized Phthalocyanines and Phthalocyanine Modified SBA-15 Materials
Autor:Darwish, Wael Mahmoud Ahmed
Weitere Beteiligte: Sundermeyer, Jörg (Prof. Dr.)
URN: urn:nbn:de:hebis:04-z2006-01257
DDC:540 Chemie
Titel (trans.):Darstellung, Charakterisierung und Kristallstrukturen neuer axial funktionalisierter Phthalocyanine und Phthalocyanin-modifizierter SBA-15 Materialien


Phthalocyanines, Rhenium, SBA-15, Phthalocyanin, Titanium, Phthalocyaninderivate, Molybdenum, Tungsten, SBA-15, Phthalocyanin-polymere

We investigated the typical metathetical reaction patterns of PcTiO with arylisocyanates aiming at the synthesis of its isoelectronic compounds (PcTiX; X = S, Se, NR, etc). Furthermore novel organoimido compounds of the general formula [PcM(NR)Cl] (M = Mo, W, Re; R = tBu, Mes) were prepared using the typical fusion reaction of phthalonitrile (PN) in the presence of metal complex [M(NR)2Cl2(dme)] (M = Mo, W; R = tBu, Mes) or [Re(NR)3Cl] (M = Re; R = tBu, Mes). The prepared compounds were characterized by MS, EA, UV-VIS, FT-IR, 1H-NMR, etc. The crystal structures of some prepared compounds have been solved. When the (PcTiO) oligomer was refluxed with 2,6-diisopropyl-phenylisocyanate in DMF, the corresponding oligomer containing the imido ligand was obtained. Similarly, the reaction of TCB with [Mo(NMes)2Cl2(dme)] produces a phthalocyanine pentamer pocessing the [Mo(NMes)Cl] functionality. The time-resolved photoluminescence measurements were carried out for PcTiO and N,N`-di-4-tolylureato(phthalocyaninato)titanium(IV). PcTi@SBA-15 and PcTi&TiOx@SBA-15 materials have been prepared by impregnation of the [TiPc] selectively in the pores of SBA-15 and TiOx@SBA-15 templates.

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