Einfluss von BMP-7 auf Wachstum und Interaktion von Osteoblasten, Fibroblasten und Sehnen - eine in vitro Langzeitstudie-

Das Ziel dieser Arbeit war, mittels zweier Versuche, den Effekt von BMP-7 auf Sehnen, OB und FB zu untersuchen und dabei folgende Kernfragen zu klären: 1. Wie verläuft das Einwachsenverhalten bezüglich der Knochen-Sehnen-Interaktion? 2. Gibt es in diesem Zusammenhang störende Faktoren bei der...

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Main Author: Ambrock, Marius
Contributors: Frangen, Thomas (PD Dr.) (Thesis advisor)
Format: Doctoral Thesis
Published: Philipps-Universität Marburg 2013
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Background Injuries of the knee are very often and most of the halves of the knee injuries (46%) are injuries of the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL). In this context, the tendon-bone healing plays a special role and is of particular interest. Aim of this study was to evaluate the effects of BMP-7 on tendon-bone healing respective interaction. For this purpose, a study carried out in vitro, consisting of a pre-and a main test. Methods Conducted a major trial (term 10 weeks) were of the BMP-7 effect on tendon and an additional experiment (term 24 d), which was to investigate the influence of BMP-7 on OB and FB. All cell cultures were BGJ medium and medium exchange (ME)/48h, were applied in the corresponding group membership and each Vit D3/ME 400ng/ml BMP-7/ME. In both experiments was determined by AP, LDH and Lactate of the frozen medium as well as the determination of the AP from the cell lysis. In the main experiment also was determined by OCN and the preparation of histological and SEM images. Results In both tests we could see a positive effect of a BMP-7 application. This shows the biochemical, histological and electron microscopically results. The AP increases in major and pre-test showed sometimes highly significant values, with p-values <0.00001. Similar results were also found in the regulations LDH and OCN (p <0.001). Histology showed enhanced and accelerated osteoid and mineralized zones, and increased extracellular matrix formation. SEM showed the tendon in an enhanced ECM formation and homogeneity to such tendons that received no BMP-7. In addition, it was found that BMP-7 also in tendon and FB whose activity levels of AP and LDH increase. Also we showed in this study that there is an influence in the activity of osteoblasts and fibroblasts. Conclusions Both tests can be a positive effect of BMP-7 recognize gift. Because even with the tendons and FB, a positive effect of BMP-7 was observed, is, in terms of growing-in the act, a combination of OB and FB probably. Similarly, the results indicate a possible interaction between OB and FB that affect sometimes negative impact on growth rate and metabolic activity of the OB, but again can be minimized by simultaneous BMP-7 administration. As previously, the study location with respect is very thin in vitro tendon long-term cultures and in this context, a positive effect of BMP-7 was rarely observed on tendons and FB, it is difficult to compare the obtained findings with other studies and need for further studies, but lets see the positive effect of BMP-7 application and so should his place in the ACL surgery necessarily manifest. Keywords: BMP-7, Osteoblast (OB), Fibroblast (FB), Tendon, Tendon-bone-healing, ACL