The student's Sanskrit - English dictionary : containing appendices on Sanskrit prosody and important literary & geographical names in the ancient history of India ; for the use of schools and colleges

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Main Author: Apte, Vaman Shivram
Format: Book
Published: Philipps-Universität Marburg 2012
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Table of Contents:
Directions to the Student.
A List of Abbreviations used in the dictionary.
अ (a)
आ (ā)
इ (i)
ई (ī)
उ (u)
ऊ (ū)
ऋ (ṛ)
ॠ (ṝ) ; ए (e)
ऐ (ai)
ओ (o)
औ (au)
क (ka)
ख (kha)
ग (ga)
च (ca)
छ (cha)
ज (ja)
झ (jha) ; ट (ṭa)
ठ (ṭha) ; ड (ḍa) ; ढ (ḍha)
ण (ṇa) ; त (ta)
थ (tha) ; द (da)
ध (dha)
न (na)
प (pa)
फ (pha)
ब (ba)
भ (bha)
म (ma)
य (ya)
र (ra)
ल (la)
व (va)
श (śa)
ष (ṣa)
स (sa)
ह (ha)
Appendix I. Sanskrit Prosody.
Appendix II. Giving the dates &c. of important Sanskrit Writers.
Appendix III. On important Geographical names in ancient India.