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Titel:Pre-service Geography Teachers’ Professional Competencies in Education for Sustainable Development
Autor:Ammoneit, Rieke
Weitere Verfasser:Turek, Andreas; Peter, Carina
URN: urn:nbn:de:hebis:04-es2022-00999
DDC:910 Geografie, Reisen


competencies, higher education, ESD, teacher education

The professional competencies pre-service geography teachers acquire in university influence their contribution to education for sustainable development (ESD) in their future school careers. We assessed pre-service geography teachers’ (n = 100) competencies and attitudes towards the official, German ESD orientation framework to determine the specific need for higher education action. The results are a high competence assessment and even higher importance assigned to the ESD-related professional competencies. In the context of ESD, pre-service teachers are most confident in their content knowledge and social and personal competencies and least confident in their pedagogical knowledge. The cross-sectional analysis shows the perceived competence level rising with the semester number and a strong positive influence of the school practice module.

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