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Titel:Shinran Shōnin wo omou 親鸞聖人を思う (“Thinking about Shinran Shōnin”)
Autor:Pye, Michael
URN: urn:nbn:de:hebis:04-es2016-00027
DDC: Andere Religionen


Religionsdialog, Luther, Higashi Honganji, pilgrimage, Shinran, Shin-Buddhismus, Religion, Pilgerfahrt, Shinran, Luther, Ahnen, primal religion, Higashi Honganji, Dialog, Amitābha, Buddhismus, Otani-ha, tariki, ancestors, religious dialogue, Otani-ha, tariki, Shin-Buddhism
東本願寺の報恩講での講演(28.11.2015)。 1 序文,信仰と信心. 2 歎異抄と民間宗教の緊張感. 3 真宗の思想と現世利益の問題. 4 阿弥陀如来の超自然性. 5 親鸞ゆかりの地を訪ねて.

Shinran Shōnin wo omou (“Thinking about Shinran Shōnin”) is the text of a lecture in Japanese given by invitation at the head temple of the Jōdo Shinshū Ōtani-ha, the Higashi Honganji in Kyōto, on November 28th 2015. It was part of the program of the 2015 Hōonkō, the annual week-long pattern of events which celebrates the life of Shinran (1173-1262). The main lecture text has the following sections: 1) introduction: faith and shinjin; 2) the Tannishō and the tension with primal religion; 3) Shin Budddhist thought and the question of this-worldly benefits; 4) the transcendent quality of Amida Nyorai; 5) visiting places associated with Shinran Shōnin. An appendix consists of two short articles with related content entitled Shoshūkyō to shinshū no gendaisei 1-2 (“Religious diversity and the modernity of Shinshū” 1-2) which were written for the Ōsaka-based newsletter Minami Godō Shinbun 南御堂新聞 (2016).

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