Framing Effects in the Coverage of Scientology versus Germany: Some Thoughts on the Role of Press and Scholars


  • Brigitte Schön University of Bonn



"Scientology might be one weird religion, but the German reaction to it is weirder still - not to mention disturbing." 2 This is how Richard Cohen of the Washington Post describes the controversy of Scientology vs. Germany, and he adds, "[...] the treatment of Scientologists is both inexplicable and troubling." 3 The inexplicable or rather as yet unexplained could usually be expected to raise the attention of scholars, especially if there is a troubling thrill to it. However, German scholars have mostly preferred to remain silent on the issue, and the few who spoke out published in German, but not in English.4 American scholars, on the other hand, quite often seem to have firm opinions on the issue, but what finally gets published are usually rather general evaluations. Although the controversy on the whole has gained widespread media attention, the actual causes of disturbance remain rather murky, especially if one decides to take a closer look.


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