Perspectives on Gender Studies at the Universities of Manouba and Sousse, Tunisia


  • Jamie Woitynek none



Gender Studies, Tunisia, Knowledge production, University, Institutions


In Tunisia, the University of Manouba and the University of Sousse each offered a master’s program in Gender Studies in 2019. This essay examines these programs’ structures and foci, providing some comments on their contexts. Based on fieldwork including four expert interviews, this provides one limited attempt to introduce readers to specific perspectives on and narratives about two Gender Studies programs.


Jamie Woitynek, none

Jamie Woitynek
is a graduate student (Bachelor of Arts) from the Center for Near and Middle Eastern Studies at the Philipps University Marburg. Jamie Woitynek has a major in Political Sciences and a minor in Gender Studies in this context, and also studied Standard Arabic for Social Sciences at the EgE Rabat. Jamie worked for the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation Academic Cooperation in Tunis in 2019. Further, Jamie is a member of the research network Maghreb in Transition – Media, Knowledge and Power. Currently, Jamie is enrolled in a master’s program in Gender Studies at the University of Vienna and attends courses at the Academy for Fine Arts Vienna. Jamie Woitynek holds a full grant from the DAAD. Research interests revolve around queer*feminism, political theory, knowledge production, activism, and arts. Jamie Woitynek is a researcher, artist, and activist. [none; she*/ her*]





Woitynek, J. „Perspectives on Gender Studies at the Universities of Manouba and Sousse, Tunisia“. Middle East - Topics & Arguments, Bd. 14, Juli 2020, S. 127-35, doi:10.17192/meta.2020.14.8273.