Ali Yacıoğlu: "Partners of the Empire: The Crisis of the Ottoman Order in the Age of Revolutions"


  • Burcin Cakir Glasgow Caledonian University



Ali Yacıoğlu, book review, Ottoman Empire


Burcin Cakir, Glasgow Caledonian University

Dr. Burcin Cakir received her B.A. from Bilkent University with degrees in English Language and Literature and Political Science in 2000. She completed her M.A. at the History Department of the same institution with a degree in European Political History. She received her Ph.D. in History at Istanbul University, Turkey in 2013. She has been studying on war, memory, commemoration and nationalism with a comparative approach. Currently, she is working as a post-doctoral fellow at Glasgow Caledonian University. Her recent research agenda examines the social and cultural history of First World War in the Middle East, transnational history of war, memory and commemoration in relation to political instrumentation and religion. Her specific contribution focuses on stories and experiences at of war that have been less frequently told and the cultural and social legacy of World War I in the Middle East and how this affected current situation in the region.





Cakir, B. „Ali Yacıoğlu: ‚Partners of the Empire: The Crisis of the Ottoman Order in the Age of Revolutions‘“. Middle East - Topics & Arguments, Bd. 10, Juni 2018, S. 109-12, doi:10.17192/meta.2018.10.7716.