call for papers: off topic section


The META Off Topic section aims to publish articles pursuing interdisciplinary approaches to fields of relevance to the greater Middle East and North Africa. “Off Topic” articles do not relate to the issue’s main topic and may be on any matter that fits into the journal’s general scope. We seek to cover a broad range of disciplines – among them history, literature, linguistics, media studies, political science, social and cultural anthropology, Islamic Studies, Semitic Studies as well as Arabic, Kurdish, Turkish or Iranian Studies. Submissions should provide original analyses of up-to-date issues, or discussion of recent research results.


Authors are invited to contact us with details about the thoughts they wish to publish in META. Prior to developing a complete manuscript, authors are asked to submit a short abstract   (300   words   max.),   a   short   CV   (150   words   max.),   and   3-5   key bibliographic sources. Please clearly indicate the research question, the method to be used, and the empirical material your research will be based on. Papers are accepted in English only.


For further information about the journal’s concept, sections, and authors’ guidelines, please visit our website! Please send submissions to: