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Middle East – Topics & Arguments ( is a unique journal for innovative research on the region of the Middle East and North Africa. META moves away from a static understanding of concepts, seeing them instead as both versatile instruments of analysis as well as being an object of study themselves, thus facilitating interdisciplinary debates on the basis of a common language with respect to a shared terminology.

The META review section aims to publish reviews of scholarly publications, academic events and audiovisual productions about the Middle East and North Africa as well as from the region itself; therefore we also welcome reviews on work that has been published in other languages than English, German, or French. We seek to cover a broad range of disciplines – among them history, literature, linguistics, media studies, political science, social and cultural anthropology, Islamic Studies, Semitic Studies as well as Arabic, Kurdish, Turkish or Iranian Studies.

Reviewers are invited to contact us with details about the publications or productions they wish to review on the pages of META. We offer support in ordering free copies of books from their original publishers. For further information about the journal’s concept, sections, and authors’ guidelines, please visit our website! Please send submissions to: