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Titel:Formation and Evolution of Breath Figures
Autor:Blaschke, Johannes P.
URN: urn:nbn:de:hebis:04-ed2010-00020
DDC: Allgemeines, Wissenschaft


Delaunay-Triangulierung, Tropfenanlagerung, Selbstorganisation, Voronoi-Diagramm, Keimbildung, Tropfenform, Breathfigures, Kondensation, Renormierung

The condensation of vapor on a planar surface yields a characteristic pattern of small and large droplets, these observed droplet sizes can span many orders of magnitude. This pattern goes by the name of Breath Figures. If deposited droplets are not removed, a renormalization theory by Family and Meakin successfully describes the scale invariant domains of this size distribution (and the scaling behavior of droplet pair correlations) up to a small correction. An analysis of droplets being removed or distorted by gravity (analogous to droplets hanging off a lid) are not covered by this theory. In this work, we have proposed a correction to the original renormalization theory accounting for the observed correction. Furthermore we have conducted simulations employing Delaunay-triangulations in order to examine droplets hanging from a planar surface. This yielded many interesting deviations from the scaling theory of sessile droplets.

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