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Titel:Satellite-Based Fog Detection: A Dynamic Retrieval Method for Europe Based on Machine Learning
Autor:Egli, Sebastian
Weitere Beteiligte: Bendix, Jörg (Prof. Dr.)
URN: urn:nbn:de:hebis:04-z2019-02194
DDC:525 Erde (Astronomische Geografie)
Titel (trans.):Satellitengestützte Nebeledetektion: Eine dynamische Erkennungsmethode für Europa auf der Basis maschineller Lernverfahren


Climatology, Fog, Satellite, Remote Sensing, Satellit, Nebel, Fernerkundung, Klimatologie

Fog has many economic as well as ecological impacts and it directly affects human life in many ways. The large number of fog influence factors shows that a comprehensive understanding of its causes and a precise mapping of the spatio-temporal distribution patterns are of great interest. Since there are justifiable concerns about the general applicability of existing fog retrieval methods, this thesis investigates new techniques of satellite based fog detection and the derivation of spatio-temporal information on fog distribution in Europe. The central novelties of this study are: - No static assumptions about microphysical properties were used during fog retrieval. - A novel hybrid approach based on machine learning methods was developed that can be continuously applied 24 hours a day. - The algorithm covers all fog types. Areas of different fog types could also be differentiated indirectly from the generated product due to their typical diurnal and annual frequency cycles. - For the first time, fog frequency maps for Europe could be produced for different general weather situations separately for each fog type.

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