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Titel:Microscopic Theory of Terahertz Spectroscopy on Semiconductor Nanostructures
Autor:Klettke, Andrea C.
Weitere Beteiligte: Koch, Stephan W. (Prof.)
URN: urn:nbn:de:hebis:04-z2013-02520
DDC: Physik
Titel (trans.):Mikroskopische Theorie von Terahertzspektroskopie an Halbleiter-Nanostrukturen


Theoretische Physik, Heterostruktur, Quantenfilm, Nanostruktur, spectroscopy, nanostructures, terahertz, Spektroskopie, Halbleiter, semiconductor, Terahertzbereich, theoretical physics

In this Thesis, studies with optical and terahertz light on semiconductor quantum wells are presented. Experiments are analyzed by means of a microscopic theory. A short introduction in chapter 1 is followed by the theoretical basis in chapter 2. After, two kinds of experiments are shown: Chapter 3 is devoted to terahertz spectroscopy on bare quantum wells. In chapter 4, the optical light couples in addition to a micro cavity. Both topics are of fundamental interest due to the similarity of excitons with atomic systems. A basic effect connecting both topics is the AC Stark effect: It describes the splitting of spectral lines due to the presence of an electric field. For atomic systems, this is called Rabi splitting. Chapter 3 describes experiments with terahertz-induced Rabi splitting. In chapter 4, terahertz spectroscopy on exciton-polaritons is described. These appear due to the coupling of the quantum wells to a micro cavity: The 1s-exciton resonance splits into lower and higher exciton-polaritons. Concluding remarks and a short outlook are given in chapter 5.

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