Plug-and-Participate for Limited Devices in the Field of Industrial Automation

Ausgangspunkt und gleichzeitig Motivation dieser Arbeit ist die heutige Marktsituation: Starke Kundenbedürfnisse nach individuellen Gütern stehen oftmals eher auf Massenproduktion ausgerichteten Planungs- und Automatisierungssystemen gegenüber - die Befriedigung individueller Kun...

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1. Verfasser: Deter, Steffen
Beteiligte: Sommer, Manfred (Prof. Dr.) (BetreuerIn (Doktorarbeit))
Format: Dissertation
Veröffentlicht: Philipps-Universität Marburg 2004
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Inhaltsangabe: This thesis is motivated by the current market situation and the trend towards more customized and indiviualized products. Starting with such turbulent markets, te vendors need to be re-configurable in order to react flexible and efficient to changed situations and environments - a trend in automation is to overcome traditionally cventralized planning systems by establishing decentralized planning facilities. An approach in this direction is the PABADIS project. The thesis, in turn, provided a major contibution to this approach by developing the concept for plug-and-participate of machines and their provided functionalities. A challange in this respect are the legacy automation devices, which are the first target area of the approach - they are characterizable as limtied devices. Therefore, the thesis provided a limited device suitable plug-and-participate technology in order to apply the PABADIS concept to legacy devices.