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Titel:The Social Contract Undermined through Economic Reforms: the End of an Era for the Egyptian Middle Classes
Autor:Aboushady, Nora
Weitere Verfasser:Aboushady, Nadia
Erscheinungsjahr:2018 (17)
URN: urn:nbn:de:hebis:04-es2018-00117
DDC:965 Middle East (Near East)


Social Contract, President al-Sisi, Economic Reforms, Business Elite, Middle Classes, Egypt

• The socioeconomic benefits enjoyed by the middle classes have historically been one of the Egyptian state’s main pillars of legitimacy and characteristic of a welfare state that has existed since the postcolonial era of the 1950’s. • Since the uprising of 2011 (the so-called “Arab Spring”), the Egyptian economy has suffered from recession, inflation, and widening budget deficits. • In August 2016, the government accepted loan and embarked upon a program of substantial economic reforms. • These reforms have undermined (and continue to undermine) the social contract that has been in place since the 1950’s and leave a significant section of the Egyptian population struggling under tougher economic conditions.

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