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Titel:Photography in the Study of Religion
Autor:Pye, Michael
URN: urn:nbn:de:hebis:04-es2015-00074
DDC: Religion, Religionsphilosophie


photography, methodology, religion, Religion, Photographie, Religionswissenschaft, Photographie, Methodologie

The paper presented here was first written for the Community Religions Project at the University of Leeds, England, in March 1977, starting off a series of internal working papers in that program. That was nearly forty years ago and, in the meantime, with the advent of digital photography, there have been many changes. Nevertheless, apart from the archival interest, the methodological argument advanced here remains largely relevant today. Various valuable functions of photography in the study of religions are explored. The argument also builds up a strong emphasis on the importance of “characterization” in the study of religions, steering between theology and sociology. It therefore positions the study of religions as a discipline with its own requirements.

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