The surfactin biosynthetic complex of Bacillus subtilis: COM domain-mediated biocombinatorial synthesis, and single step purification of native multi-modular NRPSs and multi-enzyme complexes

Most biosynthetic templates for the assembly of peptide natural products are composed of two or more nonribosomal peptide synthetases (NRPSs). For example, the surfactin biosynthetic complex consists of three NRPSs (SrfA-A, SrfA-B, and SrfA-C), which are encoded by the polycistronic srfA operon with...

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1. Verfasser: Chiocchini, Claudia
Beteiligte: Buckel, Wolfgang (Prof.) (BetreuerIn (Doktorarbeit))
Format: Dissertation
Veröffentlicht: Philipps-Universität Marburg 2006
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